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Description: Street sweeper schedule that includes: when and where.
Agency Name: Department of Public Works
Date Released: Periodically
Frequency: Feed is published daily but changes to the data occur on average a few a month.
Location of dataset:
Format: KML, Shape file
Location of Data Dictionary:


Written by julianwimbush
Data are incomplete - will this database ever be made complete?

Written by liz
The data has been updated. Let me know what you think.

-DataSF Admin

Written by amtpl
Dataset needs an update indeed...

Written by SFStudent
The data is incomplete. You are missing District 7 near SF State, Park Merced Area.

Written by marcg
Looks like the data is missing Pacific Heights, Marina, Presidio and Cow Hollow... from what I can tell StreetSweep_02.kml is missing information (at least).

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