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NextMuni XML data

Categorized under Transportation Views: 74772 (
Description: RESTful web services that include real-time bus locations, predictions and other information.
Agency Name: SFMTA
Frequency: Real-time
Format: RESTful web service


Written by aaron
First of all, let me say that I love that SF MTA is publishing their nextbus data.

There are some minor problems with the data that I've found, and I'm hoping that by posting here we can solve some of these for the benefit of everyone.

Many stops are not associated with a direction (in the routeConfig XML response). This means that a stop may have a street corner ("33rd Avenue and Geary St") but there no way to know if that's inbound or outbound or going somewhere else entirely. Here's an example:

Look for stop id 3560. It will have a "stop" node but does not appear within any "direction" set.

Another example:

Look for stop id 4624 ("Fillmore St & Jackson St"). Also not part of a "direction" set.

Each of these have a proper direction on the map interface. Also, each of these will return proper predictions for vehicles (in other words, it'll tell you when a bus is going to show up, but not where it's going). So this appears to only be a problem with the publicXMLFeed. I'd love to get this solved!

Written by aaron
On the 5-Fulton, on stop 33183, the title looks like it was corrupted and says ".6avful0". Maybe just a cut-and-paste error? (Also, this stop is no longer part of any direction set.)

Written by aaron
On route 59 (the Powell/Mason Cable Car line), the title is "PowllMason Cable". Is this a typo or just a shortening of the name to fit within some string length limitation? If we need to have short titles, it would be great if we could use a separate field for that (maybe "shortTitle", like elsewhere in the Nextbus XML schema). That way the real full title would be available for applications that can take advantage of it. (Right now it looks like a typo to me.)

(Same comment applies to the 61, and other lines where the titles have recently become shorter. I have seen "Missn" used in some places, and it just looks like typos everywhere.)

Written by liz
Thanks for posting, SFMTA has been notified and should be responding to your response shortly.

--DataSF Admin

Written by routesy
I'd like to second Aaron's request. The names being corrupted recently is a huge issue for my application. The Powell/Mason Cable Car is not the only line affected. Is there any update on this issue?

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