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Crime: Incident Data

Categorized under Public Safety Views: 247395 (
Description: Reports of crime that have been verified.
Agency Name: San Francisco Police Department
Time Period: Last 90 days rolling
Frequency: Daily
Location of dataset:
Format: KML, shapefile, CSV
Additional Details: Must agree to terms of use by clicking on button at bottom of page before downloading dataset


Written by mheadd
I’m hoping to start work soon on an application that uses this data to allow people to identify crimes that occur close to their homes and/or places of business. Ping me if interested.

Written by mheadd
Hmmm. I haven't been able to access the server housing these files in several days. Keep getting a 503 error.

Anyone else having this same problem?

Written by jnath
Sorry, this has been resolved. We're adding a monitor to the server so we get notified next time.

Written by sobelito
Are there not homicides included in this data set?

Written by EmmaLyons
I also did not find any homicide data in this dataset. Why is that DataSF?

Written by SFPDlegal
The SFPD maintains very tight controls over Homicide related information to ensure the safety of those involved and to avoid compromising the investigation.

Written by shawnbot
Just so you all know, as of today the incident data feeds (and, from what I can tell, the historical CSVs) include homicides. There are multiple reports with the same incident numbers, and 2010's 57 uniques outnumber The Chronicle's 50 ( ), but it's a start.

Written by fany
Removed by moderator

Written by TimWJones
Currently, all the files linked to are empty! Filesize = zero bytes. Where has the data gone?

Written by TimWJones
Hmm, nevermind. The files appear to be back online now.

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