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San Francisco County expends a huge percentage of their annual budget paying money to individuals for welfare, social services or entitlement programs. Some are federal mandates, some are county or state programs. As these funds paid to individuals are from public taxes a full accounting of where all that money goes should be available to the general tax paying public. This data could be provided by name and address of recipients and/or many other identifying parameters. It should be noted there is a national sex offender data base through the United States Department of Justice available online with name, photo of individual, physical description, personal information, court case information and their zip code and current address. There are a variety of searches available to locate this data online. See that website here:
US Citizens providing tax dollars for welfare, social services and entitlements should be allowed to see where this money is spent in each county in the U.S.


Written by gmccombs
1667 days ago
I think in the case of welfare recipients, social service recipients adn entitlements (whatever they are) it would be cruel to list names and addresses. It is painful to be in this position and we could all, by any accident of fate end up needing these services.

But, since so much money goes to the DPH it would be good to see how many people they serve each year, how many receive social services through both city facilities and contractors, and ho wmany receive mental health, homeless services and the like through DPH city run institutions and city contracted non-profits.

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