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Traffic Accidents

Posted by jordanklein  | Categorized under Dataset
A list of all traffic accidents in San Francisco, including location, date, time, parties involved, result, fault, description, and any other pertinent information.


Written by muthu
1545 days ago
I am research scholar doing PhD ., in Computer science. Please provide me traffic accident "dataset". So i may do research in this data I am very much interested in this problem.

thank you Sir/Madam.

Written by zberke
1252 days ago
I would like to see this information -- it would be very interesting to visualize. Thanks!

Written by SFPDlegal
1220 days ago
Release of some collision related information is prohibited by California Vehicle Code Section 20012. In addition, due to lack of technological resources, the SFPD doesn't enter this data into a computerized database. Our goal is to greatly expand our use of information technology.

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